Double the effectiveness of your email marketing in just 4 weeks

Course introduction

If you’re reading this it means you already know two things: first, that email marketing is an incredibly effective marketing tool when done right, and second, that you want to know you’re ticking all the boxes.

Everyone you’re currently trying to reach has email and accesses it regularly which is why email marketing delivers returns beyond that of any other channel. But, you have to know what you’re doing in order to realise these returns.

There is far more to effective email marketing than most people realise, which is why most companies get it wrong (your own mailbox would have witnessed many of these failed attempts).

This masterclass is all about empowering you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to “get it right” – to not only land your emails in the inbox, but to build valuable relationships with customers and maximise the value of those relationships over time. Email marketing is incredible, this masterclass will make sure you do it right.


Duration 4 weeks
Effort 3 – 4 hours / week
Group call Each Wednesdays for 1 hour on Zoom
Next group start May 2023

The skills you’ll aquire

  1. A solid understanding of email marketing
  2. Frameworks and tools for effective email marketing
  3. Email marketing best practices
  4. Identify the skills and resources you’ll need
  5. Get help transforming your newsletter or campaign
  6. Much more…

This masterclass is designed for marketers and communications specialists who want to:

  • Harness the power of email marketing
  • Implement or improve email marketing in their organisations
  • Identify key objectives and key performance indicators


  • Exclusive audit of your current email campaign or newsletter (value R 4 500)
  • 4 weeks of structured online course content and engaging video tutorials
  • Weekly small group session every Wednesday for 4 weeks (Zoom)
  • Downloadable tools and cheat sheets
  • Activities to help drive your email marketing forward

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • About the masterclass
Module 1
  • Different types of marketing emails and their objectives
  • Skills and resources you’ll need for successful email marketing
  • Exclusive audit of your email newsletter / campaign
Module 2
  • Mastering email delivery
  • Anatomy of an email
  • Measuring your success
  • Best practices
  • Growing your list
Module 3
  • Planning your email
  • Writing your email
  • Creating your email 
  • Campaign management
Module 4
  • Automation
  • Tips to boost engagement
  • Finding inspiration
  • Re-activating unengaged subscribers

Pricing breakdown

R15 000 introductory offer – R7 500 

The High-Performance Email Marketing Masterclass is run in small groups and block bookings for your team are available on request.

Pilot promotion is on offer at this introductory rate for a limited time. Price excludes VAT.

Terms and conditions

All the content and materials presented and shared in this course are provided by Melaina Gross and are proprietary intellectual property. By participating in this course, you agree to not share, reproduce, copy, resell or distribute any of the content. We reserve the right to update and adjust the course content every so often.

I ask that you respect other course participants and treat everything shared as strictly confidential, unless it’s clearly expressed otherwise.

The content, information and guidance in this course is presented strictly for educational purposes. The application of this within your business is your own responsibility. We assume no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may appear in the course materials.

You commit to paying any due invoices prior to participating in the course. Should payment not be received, Melaina Gross reserves the right to restrict your access to the course and its material with no liability. All deposits are non-refundable.

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Meet your host

Melaina Gross is the founder of Cantaloupe Digital — the specialist email marketing agency.

Melaina’s experience is that email marketing is not difficult. It might be complicated, but it’s not difficult. With increased data privacy awareness and more discerning audiences, you really need to know your stuff. And that’s why she has created this masterclass: to help you get the right pieces in place, so you’re all set to benefit from this powerful channel.

Melaina loves the email marketing industry because it’s at the intersection of the technical and creative worlds, and it inspires and fuels her inner geek.

She’s always asking herself and her team, “How can we make email marketing better?” The answers help marketers create better campaigns and solutions for their clients.

Melaina has used the insights and expertise she’s gleaned over the past 15 years to create this masterclass for aspiring email marketers.

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